Sisyrinchium and his Daughters 2015

Sisyrinchium (1991 by Dhruv x Sakuntala) is now 25 but has been a superbly versitile sire for us and a credit to his famous father, Dhruv. He has sired successes on the eventing circuit, in dressage, endurance and also in the show ring. As a young horse he too had a successful career both in hand and under saddle with Jo Richardson who worked at Biddesden for many years. To honour this fantastic horse we organised for Jo to have a final ride on her much beloved old friend and to capture them together with four of his daughters: Silene (2002 x Chicken Licken) ridden by Mirabel Helme, Smew (2002 x Dynamo) ridden by Louise Guinness, Stracciatella (2008 x Sedaza) ridden by Erskine Guinness and Paulownia (2011 x Perfect Kossack) ridden by Kim Powell.

Sisyrinchium is available for natural covering for the 2016 season.

sisyanddaughters1Sisyrinchium (1991 by Dhruv x Sakuntala) and Jo Richardson

sisyanddaughters2Silene (2002 by Sisyrinchium x Chicken Licken) and Mirabel Helme

sisyanddaughters3Paulownia (2011 by Sisyrinchium x Perfect Kossack) and Kim Powell.

sisyanddaughters4 Stracciatella (2008 by Sisyrinchium x Sedaza) and Erskine Guinness

sisyanddaughters5Silene and Paulownia



sisyanddaughters8Paulownia, Smew (2002 by Sisyrinchium x Dynamo) and Louise Guinness, Sisyrinchium, Silene and Stracciatella

sisyanddaughters9Stracciatella, Silene, Sisyrinchium, Smew and Paulownia

sisyanddaughters10Paulownia, Smew, Sisyrinchium, Silene and Stracciatellasisyanddaughters11Paulownia, Smew, Sisyrinchium, Silene and Stracciatella

sisyanddaughters12Paulownia, Smew, Sisyrinchium, Silene and Stracciatella

sisyanddaughters13Paulownia, Smew and Sisyrinchium




Photos by Fiona Guinness and Finn Guinness