The Arabian Magazine


The Star Performer

October 2013

For me, endurance began at the age of 11. Before then, I was your typical Pony Club kid enjoying showjumping, cross-country, occasionally dressage and, most of all, the Pony Club Camp. At the time, I had a 13.2hh chestnut New Forest mare called Amber that I had since I was just seven; she was not the archetypal Pony Club pony. I was more often tending the bruises I had sustained from being chucked off than counting the rosettes we had won! However, after a few years of hard work, we formed an unbreakable bond and by the time we were getting ready to sell her, she rarely came home without a red ribbon and another shiny cup to add to the mantle piece. I owe a lot to her as she is the pony that not only taught me how to ride, but also taught me determination, commitment, and competitiveness.

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