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The Cloning of Tamarillo

Winter 2013

We have recently arranged to clone our Part Bred Arab gelding eventer Tamarillo and this article is an attempt to explain why we did this and to describe some issues to do with the biology of cloning and with the reactions of some people to the idea of doing it. The reason why we sought to clone our event horse was that we wish to preserve his genetic make-up, just as one would want to breed from any champion.

Unfortunately Tamarillo was gelded long before his abilities were proven so the magic of his genetic make-up would be consigned to oblivion when he dies, just like that of all champion geldings in the past. Cloning provides us with the opportunity to overcome this situation and to salvage his genes forĀ  future generations. There will be the usual uncertainties with breeding from any animal – the great performers are not always great sires, but at least cloning give us a chance.

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